The Manual of Style of Bleach Soul Society RPG Wiki, like many other wikis have. For the section order, see BleachSoul Society RPG Wiki:Layout Guide.



List of words that are needed to be capitalized:

[Number of division] + Division/Squad
Zanpakutō names
Technique names
Character names
Location names

Writing StyleEdit

  • Articles should be written in an in-universe style.
  • The History Section of articles should be written in Third Person and written in past tense.
  • Articles should not contain any conversations unless it is a quote or very important.


All Infoboxes are named according to its user.

This is the current list of the infoboxes (SOURCE MODE EDIT):

How to put an Infobox in an articleEdit


1. Copy the format in the Template Usage part at the bottom of the page of the infobox.
Template usage
2. Open the Source mode of the article where you would like to use the infobox.
Template Use1

3. Paste the format and fill them all with information needed. All fields other than "name" aren't required for intended performance. Areas left blank are coded not to appear.


1. Click the Add other templates in the Templates Section in the right sidebar of the Visual Edit mode, though it is present in Source mode, you cannot do this in Source mode.
Template Use2

2. When the Template editor box appears, type the name of the infobox you need for the article in the Search for a template bar.

3. Fill in the information needed. All fields other than "name" aren't required for intended performance. Areas left blank are coded not to appear.
Template Use3

Wanted PagesEdit

Pages not in this wiki


  • Former lieutenant of the 1st Division, Tomiko
  • Former lieutenant of the 1st Division, Setsumi Shizukami
  • 2nd Division member, Kuroi Mato
  • 5th Division member, Masshiro Kousetsu
  • 6th Division member, Amora
  • 7th Division member, Akira
  • Lieutenant of the 9th Division, Yuuko Minami
  • 10th Division member, Shio Kyojin
  • Other Former captains and lieutenants not mentioned


  • Techniques
  • Noble Houses (e.g. Tsubaki Family, Fujimoto Family)
  • Fights
  • Plots

Character Page ImprovementEdit

Under ConstructionEdit

List of pages with unsure and lacking information.

Incomplete PagesEdit

List of uncompleted pages which still lack some information, mostly in the History Section and Powers & Abilities.

Complete PagesEdit

Here is a list of pages that have been completed but to be under review for possible information, grammar, spelling, syntax and tense mistakes. Some are labeled "Clean-up". This is because the images and text are a little bit messy and needs to be organized.


How to make a redirect?Edit

First, click create a new article, enter the title and then add #REDIRECT [[Destination Page]] into the page. For the Zanpakutō, #REDIRECT [[Destination Page#Zanpakutō]]. See more in Help:Redirects. Hint: It's only available in Source Mode.

What's the redirect for?Edit

It lessens the effort of typing to search for a page. Like, if you search "Kaze-hi," it will go to Riako's article page. Still working for this, though. Please visit Redirects.

What are the redirects needed for a page?Edit

The first name only, last name first, last name only (except for those who have the same last name, it will lead to the disambiguation page) and the name of their Zanpakutō. For non-character articles, perhaps the lowercase of the title or its other name, etc.


Images in userpagesEdit

It would be better if you follow your own uploaded images. Put a "User images" Category in every uploaded images in userpages.

Images in articlesEdit

If you were to upload an image in an article, it should be no more and no less than the size of 190 or 180px. And for profile pictures in infobox templates, it should be no more and no less than the size of 290 or 280px. If it's for a character article profile picture, it's best to crop the picture to their face because that's the only thing that matters in profile pictures.

Better and Easier usageEdit

If you're gonna upload a picture in the Special:NewFiles page, please name the image with easy letters/words to type for easy tagging.

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